Hayashi Rozai's strengths

High degree of expert as an unshaped refractories manufacturer

Having been handling refractory raw materials for more than half a century, we have accumulated a wealth of experience and achievements as a specialized manufacturer of unshaped refractories.

Custom-made is available per customers' needs.

In order to clear customers' issues and improvement goals, we deal with not only standard lineup products, but also custom-made development.

Expanding business operations not only in various areas in Japan but also in the world.

We have delivered our Bizen brand unshaped refractories to Japanese steel and cast iron manufacturers in Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

Equipment list

Vibrex castable

Vibrex castable is a high-strength type low-cement castable refractory with excellent corrosion resistance. The amount of kneaded water is smaller and a precise construction body can be made available.


Phosnell is an ultra-high strength patching material with high heat resistance and less shrinkage of the construction body; the construction portions last a long time even during partial repairing.

Dry stamp

HRK dry stamp is a refractory material for induction furnace lining for dry construction, containing fused silica. Based on fused silica, it has high thermal shock resistance and excellent volume stability. Therefore, compared to natural silica products, it deals with more rapid melting during intermittent operation.


Company information

Reliability first for Customer

Taking advantage of the environment of Bizen City, Okayama Prefecture, a cluster of refractory-related companies, we will strive to produce high quality and satisfactory unshaped refractories and deliver them to various areas in Japan and the rest of the world.