Erosion of casting ladle

The erosion per molten metal is quick, but can we extend its life?
Using the high-strength castable" Vibrex" enables you to control the amount of erosion. In addition, selecting the most suitable material for the conditions for use enables you to improve the durability.

Adhesion of slag in the casting ladle

A lot of adhering slag makes it hard to remove the slag. Can you improve its workability?
Using SiC compounded products eases removing glue and removing work effectively.

Repairing ladle for casting

Even with patching repair completion, the repaired part may fall off easily, or molten metal may flow on the back. Can you improve it?
The ultra-high-strength patching material "Phosnell series" is recommended. It is a repair material having property to maintain close contact with the base material even in case of repeated thermal changes and impacts.

Fireproof mortar

Water to add and kneading are required every time at the construction time. To avoid dust generation, is there anything to use other than powder?
We have a paste-like air set mortar. Without adding water and kneading, the product is available for use immediately after opening. Only for adjusting the hardness purpose, add water as you like and make fine adjustments.