High quality unshaped refractories to deliver from Bizen to all over Japan and to the world.We can make it happen.

For more than 40 years, having been manufacturing unshaped refractories in Bizen, we have been selling them to steel, casting and recycling companies.
Unlike refractory bricks, unshaped refractories are shipped as semi-finished products, and the function as a refractory material is completed by the user's construction. Hayashi Rozai Co., Ltd. has been speedily developed products taking the construction conditions and usage conditions into consideration; it has supplied excellent products and services. This excellent achievement has resulted in high reputation and trust from many users.
We ensure continuous productions of high-quality and satisfactory unshaped refractories by taking advantage of the environment of Bizen, a cluster of refractory-related companies; deliveries of the excellent unshaped refractories of the Bizen brand to various areas of Japan and the world.

Representative Director Tetsuhiro Hayashi


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