This mixer plant having a flexible rubber ball mounted on a rocking board with no stirring blade can accelerate the mixture and swing it in a random direction in a short time. In addition, it has excellent performance as soft mixing without damaging the mixture. We can provide a wide variety of powder products speedily and the stable quality.


This mixer consists of heavy wheel-shaped rollers and pans (circular containers). Due to the fireproof raw material stepped on with a heavy roller and kneaded, stable kneading is available even for hard products such as for rammer construction.


A ribbon mixer is used in a plant dedicated to magnesian products. The ribbon-type stirring blade rotates at a low speed, giving convection, diffusion, and shearing action to the powder and granules inside, and provide an uniform mixing.


The stirring blade inside the container rotates with a strong force to uniformly mix from low-viscosity to high-viscosity products.
Flexibly dealing with the workability needs of patching materials and wet mortar is available.